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Who we are

ladies and gentleman,
"i baraccanti"

 We are two brothers with a passion for cooking and travel. 

We want to bring the taste of our adventures and let them be savored in unique dishes with flavors with an exotic taste.

BARAC was born from this: the union of BarazzoniAlessandro and Claudio gives life to this strange name, which recalls the shack in which to drink beer with a view of the sea.

And we like to think that bamboo and our flavors can take you to a sunny beach for a moment.


In the shadow of Sant'Abbondio

Did you know that the Basilica of Sant'Abbondio is the oldest in Como? Well yes: its construction dates back to the 5th century in the early Christian era, and it is the only church in the province to have two bell towers. 

A fascinating place, at the foot of the marvelous Spina Verde park. 

It is right in the shadow of the two bell towers of the Roman basilica that the BARAC comes to life, to animate this ancient neighborhood with unique and particular flavours.

Come and enjoy our specialties in the shadow of the bell tower: you won't find the hunchback but a lot of unique flavours!

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